“Enkeltje Hemel” krijgt haar première in Tuschinski

De documentaire “Enkeltje Hemel” (One Way Ticket to Heaven) krijgt haar première in Tuschinski – Amsterdam.

Datum: feb 2012, exacte dag volgt nog.


Intractable suffering and making the decision to commit euthanasia: “Many people think that it’s easy. They don’t know what they’re talking about.” (quote partner) Diana Tromp is a beautiful, blonde woman, age 36, who has decided to part from her body. A body which was afflicted by the illness Multiple Sclerosis. This documentary is about Diana and her hopeless suffering. Unknown to all but a few people surrounding her, she decided to end her life through euthanasia. The months that follow are recorded, until the day Diana says goodbye to her loved ones, and her body. The secret that these people shared for the months up until her death bound them together in a very profound and emotional way.

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