The Stalinistic Dutch Health Care Authority

This blog is paying attention to the Healthcare system in The Netherlands from the perspective of a medical doctor though it is very much applicable to other workers like physiotherapists, dentist, pharmacist etc.

The Dutch national health system is a paternalistic system of a governmental approach of healthcare. Through the Dutch Healthcare Authority(Nederlandse Zorgautoriteit, NZa)  the government enforces a certain percentage of the GNP to be allocated in the health system, irrespective on the actual demand and needs. 

By introducing the Dutch Healthcare Authority  health workers face a Stalinist system in which patient have to swallow medicines dictated by the Insurance Companies. Patients’ privacy has been jeopardized by the National Healthcare Authority despite a court order.

Medical professionals are forced into horrifying contracts with insurance companies and the harder you work the lesser you earn due to the fixed budgets. While they may suggest to supervise the market; health workers and patients acknowledge that there’s no market at all. 

It’s a interesting paradox that this system is introduced and maintained by the so called liberal party VVD. They call it “regulated market system”, an euphemism for a “top down model”.

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